Salzburg cathedral

The Salzburg cathedral is a 17th century early baroque cathedral, belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg, dedicated to Saint Rupert.


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Under Archbishop Hartwig, a choir and a crypt was added in the beginning of the 11th century, to the initial 8th century cathedral. The West Towers were added in the 12th century under Archbishop Konrad I. The resulting Romanesque basilica was later demolished and the Italian architect Santino Solari designed the present baroque building, partly built upon the foundations of the old Romanesque basilica. The foundation stones can be seen in an excavation site under the cathedral, along with mosaics and further artifacts found here, among them a 14th century Gothic baptismal font.

The Salzburg Cathedral was the first early baroque structure north of the Alps. The Baroque style is best illustrated by the choir and the nave, the luxurious facade and powerful dome. The main facade, covered with slabs of Untersberg mountain marble, features 4 grand statues, those of the apostles Peter and Paul, holding the key and the sword, and the two patrons Saint Rupert and Vergilius, with a jar of salt and the church model.

The inner space inside the dome is octagonal and features eight windows, cameos and cases of paintings. The rhythm of the inner walls is given by arches and engaged columns with Corinthic chapiters. The symmetrical towers on the facade are surmounted by round spires on octagonal support, perforated with oval windows. They flank a typically Baroque gable with statues and cameos.

Precious items of the Salzburg cathedral are the lions from the year 1200, the baptismal font in which the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart received baptism , the luxurious Great Organ, surrounded by chanting angels, as well as the rich portals by Schneider-Manzell, Matare and Manzu. The gates are made of bronze and represent the three virtues, hope, love and faith.

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Salzburg cathedral

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