Salzburg Museum of Natural History

Haus der Natur in "the House of nature" is the Salzburg Museum of Natural history. It is located south of the St. Blasius in Anton Neumayr Square.


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The Haus der Natur is a museum with emphasis on local and regional nature aspects, but featuring a wide range of exhibitions.

The geology and earth sciences section displays stunningly massive gems, giant mountain crystals found in the mountains to the south of Salzburg.

Among the museum's highlights, the aquariums are considered to be among the best aquariums in Central Europe, featuring an impressive collection of Mediterranean species and tropical corals.

The 10.000 liter tank of seawater with sharks and piranha is a must, especially at feeding hour. The other section accommodates living animals such as lizards, cobra snakes and amphibians, even 30 year old Mississippi alligators.

There is a remarkable dinosaur section and an exhibition explaining the history of earth, with fascinating fossils and a history of the development of continents, volcanos and earthquakes with models.

The wildlife section displays the wonderful and mysterious life of specimens all over the continents. Some of these creatures have long disappeared and remind us to treat the awe-inspiring natural world with care and respect.

The museum specializes in dioramas, which complete the art of representation in museums. There are dioramas on the spaces of terrestrial life as well as the outer space. The outer space section offers a diorama of the first moon landing, a future vision of a city in outer space, spectacular computer animations of meteor crashes and detailed models of spaceships from the first moon capsule to the Space Shuttle.

The Salzburg Natural History Museum features exhibitions on the theme of the human body and a strong research and demonstration section on physics and technology.

There is a new hands-on section allowing children and students to experiment in workshops, finding out about science, genetics, engineering, immunology and many more.

The museum shop provides souvenirs, books and gifts, as well as research kits or "green science" applications for science-passionate children and adults.

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Salzburg Museum of Natural History

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