Top 10 Activities In Bangkok

Bangkok is a contrary destination where you'll see flashy shopping malls occupied with designer brands next to open-air markets selling local produce. You may be staying in a four-star hotel, but an ancient Siamese village is often in the neighborhood. Despite its contrary nature, Bangkok has plenty for you to do. The top ten activities are: Khao Yai National Park Tour

A guided tour will bring you through Khao Yai National Park where you'll have the chance to see Asiatic black bears, wild elephants and colorful birds. Your guide will give you tastings of exotic fruits, and you can take a ride on an ox cart into the park's fields.

Wat Pho Massage

Consider a visit to the Wat Pho Massage Pavilions after a long day of sightseeing. A classic Thai massage will surely ease your sore muscles. The massage school is comfortably air-conditioned with few choices where you'll be rubbed by well-trained massage experts.

River Cruise to the Ayutthaya Temples

The Ayutthaya Temples tour will bring you to Thailand's history. Once a prosperous society, Ayutthaya constructed their temples from 1350 to 1767. Even after the Burmese captured the Ayutthaya society, many of the temples remain standing for you to see today.

Floating Markets

With a knowledgeable tour guide, you can view the famous Floating Markets. You'll board a long tail speed-boat, which will take you to the numerous Thai canoes full of vegetables, meats and fruits. Vendors gently row through the canal and sell their goods.

Bridge on the River Kwai

Your Floating Market guide can also take you to this infamous site where the bridge was constructed to help the Japanese invasion of Burma. Many people died during the bridge's construction, which is a sad reminder. However, you will be viewing an authentic piece of history.

Grand Palace Complex Tour

A local guide will show you the Grand Palace, and you'll be awe-inspired by its breathtaking architecture. The structure includes mixed designs from Europe and Thai. Additionally, the palace's grounds will astound you as will the Emerald Buddha.

Fortune Teller Reading

Your hotel will most likely have a space set aside for a fortune teller. The Thai culture looks to these consultants for direction regarding business ventures and marriages. Therefore, consider joining the locals and have a reading.

Rose Garden Cultural Center

You'll see handcrafted merchandise as it's created. Local Thai villagers make silk, pottery and dolls at the Rose Garden Cultural Center. You'll also see period clothing on display and different homes in the area.

Bike Tour

Explore the countryside in depth as you cycle down the highway. You'll see outdoor markets, temples and canals. Also, it's a delightful way to meet Bangkok residents while seeing the city's culture firsthand.

Spa 1930

You won't be listening to New Age music upon visiting Spa 1930. The center focuses on simplicity, and you'll be treated with massage oils made from local Thai herbs. Additionally, you can choose to have therapy to your face or body along with a body massage.

With reasonably priced Bangkok flights, you'll find this Thailand city to be affordable. Furthermore, the travel memories made in Bangkok will be worth repeating.

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Top 10 Activities In Bangkok

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